Our focus is your SIP origination and termination around the world!

We have products that we guarantee premium VoIP origination, termination, and trunking to all international destinations around the world with CLI pass through when it is available as well as standard wholesale routes that are best attempt BUT much better price.  Depending on the service level required, this service is idea for VoIP Carriers, Calling Card Companies, or any company who needs QUALITY with good call capacity.

Origination options for your business:  

With our SIP Origination service, regional voice or enhanced service providers may provide Origination services to areas of the country that were previously too costly. The service hands ILEC/IXC originated voice traffic to our carrier customers for termination to their end users (the called party).

Calls are originated via TDM, transported to an EarthLink SIP Hub, converted to SIP and handed to the carrier customer via a dedicated IP connection, or through the Internet, to anywhere in the world.

  • Keep all of your original phone numbers
  • Include additional areas for location calling numbers or toll free numbers around the world!
  • No business too small, let us build your phone system in the cloud!

We have several options for termination traffic:

  • Flat Rate USA and Canada at .013 (All Codes including off net)
  • NPANXX rate decks with over 160,000 breakouts with prices as low as $0.001 billing in 6/6 increments and 1/1 increments (with focus on our international customers)
  • International countries available for call center and conversational termination as well!

Conversational Routing for MANY countries - ALL routes are direct to the tier one carriers, all CLI premium routes to countries where supported:

  • Africa's
  • Latin America
  • United States
  • Poland
  • Pakistan
  • Several others (Please request with volumes and target rate)